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Where to Put Testimonials on Your Website

where to put testimonials on your website

I want to discuss where to put your testimonials on your website because I still see a lot of people sporting a ‘Praise’ page. While I realize everyone wants to keep things organized and showcase every testimonial or sweet comment other people have said about them, I view this page as a waste of precious real estate.

Not only do we take up a slot on our navigation menu that should only have a limited number of pages listed, but we’re also missing out on the opportunity to show off our glittery testimonials. Let me be brutally honest here for a moment: No one cares about our praise pages!

I hope you aren’t insulted by that statement. I say it with the utmost love. Because it’s the truth. You hear over and over again that people are impatient, they have short internet attention spans, and they aren’t going to make the effort to look at something unless it’s forced on them. That hasn’t changed. And if anything, it all goes double for a praise or testimonials page.

When we’re looking at a product or service and considering whether to buy it, we want to see testimonials for it everywhere we look. We aren’t going to read through the product description, then keep thinking about it while we search every page of the website to see what other people have said about it. Our attention spans just aren’t that long. We want to see the reviews right then and there.

The same goes for other pages on your website. You should have sprinkled testimonials on your website throughout in order to impress upon people that you have the knowledge, expertise, and follow-through to accomplish what you’re promising and that other people can vouch for it.

So where should they go? That’s what I’m about to tell you.

Where to Put Testimonials on Your Website

Your sales page—duh…

This one is kind of self-explanatory, but it bears repeating: if you are trying to sell a product, service, course, donkey, or magic bean over the internet, you need to include testimonials proving that it’s worth the investment and it does or provides everything you claim on your sales page. It’s one of the most important and effective parts of a sales page.

Don’t have any testimonials? Get some.

Give away your product to a few people for free in exchange for a testimonial. Run a beta test of your new course and find people to participate. Offer a free month of your monthly package to a potential client and ask for their feedback. Or, even better, reach out to past clients and ask for a testimonial!

Your shop and products page

If you sell products, whether they’re physical or downloads, you should have reviews or testimonials on the shop page, and the appropriate product pages. Makes sense, right?

Show some love on your homepage

Your homepage is supposed to show off all the most important details of your business—shouldn’t that include some references to your success? With how often you get new traffic to your homepage, it only makes sense to dedicate a section to your testimonials. It’s up to you whether you want to have them near the top, the middle, or the bottom, but have them you should.

I suggest some sort of slider or carousel that rotates them so the section doesn’t take up a lot of physical space, but you could also have them stacked in an attractive layout, too. Just make sure not to use more than three if you stack them—that would get overwhelming.

Praise for you belongs on the page dedicated to you

When you’re telling people about you—or rather, about what you can do for them, as that’s what should be on your about page—back up your claims of greatness with a testimonial or two to prove your value. I’ll say it again: people trust other people’s recommendations to work with someone or buy something more than they trust your assurance that you’re the girl for the job.

It stems from all the liars, cheaters, and scams out there—you can’t blame people for being cautious. Just like you can’t blame people for shopping around for the right price. So do yourself a favor and give them proof, which gives them one less reason to say no to you.

Your portfolio pages

If you have a portfolio and your client’s project is featured, why not put their testimonial next to their project? It’s a beautifully simple way for visitors to see your work and the client’s satisfaction all in the same place. That way, they can visualize exactly what your client is raving about, and they can further confirm that your testimonials are from actual clients instead of faceless strangers.

Your sidebar

You might think of your sidebar as an inappropriate place for a testimonial, but it’s actually a very smart one! When new visitors come to your blog posts through all the different links you share to them, what could be better than showing them how great a job you do for your clients? At the very least, a compelling testimonial could intrigue them to check out your services, or that particular portfolio piece your client is raving about.

What are you going to do now?

As you can imagine, you could put testimonials on any page of your website. You may even decide to keep your praise page but start integrating the feedback into other pages as well. You do you.

Just make sure you’re using them as smartly as possible. They do you no good on a dusty praise page if no one is visiting it. Put them front and center and let your clients’ words speak for you.

And if you need help in asking people to give you testimonials in the first place, check out this post.

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