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What’s A Blog Strategy And Why Do You Need One?

Blog strategy

If you’ve ever started a blog, you know it can be tricky to figure out what to post, when, and how often…it’s just not an easy thing to jump into with no experience. A blog strategy, however, can help you work through those questions and guide you down the path of blogging with confidence.

What’s a blog strategy?

1.) A system for connecting with and converting your ideal client

A really well-defined blog strategy helps you understand exactly what it is you need to post in order to attract the types of clients you want to work with. One of the biggest problems most blogs face is writing content they think they should be talking about instead of content their ideal clients actually want to read—and this leads to inquiries that aren’t an exact right fit for your services, or people who come to your blog posts once and forget about you.

Your strategy should take your ideal client into consideration and lead to a collection of blog topics that get them onto your website and considering your offerings. Anything short of that is not an effective content marketing effort.

2.) A plan to keep your website content on track

When done right and stuck to, your blog strategy will help you keep your blog on schedule. You’ll be able to consistently post to your blog because you’ll know what days are best for drawing your readers and you’ll already know what you should be writing about.

3.) A way to prevent you from stressing out over the management of your blog

Since your blog strategy outlines what you’re writing about and when, there’s won’t be any questions left for you to answer at the last minute. This means that all the stress of posting to your blog has been eliminated—and you can even get well ahead of schedule in your content.

4.) An outline of what comes next

Writing and publishing your blog posts are only one half of a content marketing strategy. Next, you have to figure out how to get that post in front of your ideal client’s eyes. Instead of using questionable tactics and only following through on bits here and there, a blog strategy helps you to know exactly where you should promote your blog posts—and when.

Why’s a blog strategy so important?

Besides the benefits above (especially the part about not stressing), a blog strategy gives your business and website structure and professionalism.

It helps you to:

  1. Set goals and meet them
  2. Provide consistent value for your ideal client
  3. Prove to clients that you know what you’re talking about
  4. Show clients you’ll go above and beyond for their benefit
  5. Build strategic SEO to get on the front page of Google

All of these things combined translate into a blog that provides endless benefits for your website and business. It’s definitely something you want to have in place, so start thinking about putting together your own strategy today (or maybe this weekend).

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