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Track & Adjust Your Brand Messaging & Strategy as Needed

Track and Adjust Your Brand Messaging & Strategy

The interesting thing about creating a brand is that none of it really happens overnight. At some point, you’ll launch the brand you’re creating — a brand that’s been developed based on research and study — and because of that, it should be effective. But you won’t know just how effective until you can put your brand messaging out into the world and study the data that you generate.

Once a brand starts collecting data, it’s normal and natural to track and adjust your brand messaging and strategy as needed. However, it’s important to have a standard to start with because you never want to stray far from your original vision and message.

The way you’ll know what needs to change is by starting with the branding you developed, setting specific goals, creating the strategy, and then implementing it. Finally, study your metrics and make decisions based on the numbers so that you know the changes you apply will get the results you want.

For example, the following scenarios are results that you may get once you launch and start studying the numbers:

More Traffic To Your Landing Page, But No Purchases

Let’s say you’ve launched with a freebie on a landing page. You ran a Facebook ad to get traffic to the landing page. You’re getting great traffic to the page, but no sales or lower sales than you think you should be making.

Your issue could be one or more of the following:

Your Ad Isn’t Targeting the Right Audience

It’s very important to use your brand guidelines to help you with targeting the right people, as well as helping you keep the information consistent and cohesive.

Your Landing Page Isn’t Addressing the Right Audience

If your audience clicks through due to the ad attracting them in some way — whether it’s the headline, the image, or something else — and the landing page is targeted to someone else, you won’t make sales.

The main issue is that you need to ensure that your ad targets the right traffic based on the needs of your audience, and that both the ad and the landing page complement each other, and don’t compete.

47% of Your Email List Members Don’t Open Your Messages

Let’s say you’ve built your email list to a couple thousand members, but you’re starting to notice that almost half of them never even open your emails to begin with. What can you do to improve open rates?

Your issue could be one or more of the following:

Your Autoresponder Messaging

When your new list member joins your list, ensure that they are receiving the important information within the first couple of emails. They’re more likely to open those, and you can use that fact to train them to not want to miss opening your emails.

For example, if they joined the list to get a freebie, is it clear that missing out on your emails will make them miss out on something even better than the freebie?

Poor Audience Targeting

Another thing that happens is that people join your email list for the wrong reason. This happens due to poor audience targeting. Getting your ideal audience right can sometimes take trial and error. Make sure that you have real reasons for your audience to join your email list, and that it provides value to them.

As you can see, you can then tweak what you’re doing to ensure that you are getting the information correct and that it’s cohesive and represents your brand’s values. If you’ve done a good job of branding based on your audience’s preferences, and you’ve focused on the value you can provide to them, you won’t have to make drawing board changes to your brand messaging, but you may have to keep working on making it all work together.

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