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Let’s Review a Month’s Worth of Branding Tips & Strategies

A Month's Worth of Branding Tips & Strategies

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different branding tips we covered over the past 29 days. It’s amazing what you’ve learned throughout this 30 Day Branding Crash Course.

You’ve learned the importance of branding — how to get started with branding — and how important your brand’s core message is to your overall branding to ensure that it lasts through the test of time.

The following list will enable you to come back to these posts any time you need a refresher. If you haven’t implemented everything you’ve learned, that’s okay. I know it’s been a lot of information to soak in. Some of you may have found yourself focusing on your mission statement, and others may be focused on getting your logo and the design elements working for you.

Regardless, you can come back here and find the branding tips you need to go over again at any time.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. The 30-Day Branding Crash Course
  2. Be Your Brand, Be The Reason People Buy
  3. 5 Essential Questions To Ask To Craft Your Core Message
  4. How To Choose Your Brand Name Like An Expert
  5. “Should I Rebrand My Business?” Your Questions Answered.
  6. Your Logo And Graphics Aren’t Your Brand, But They’re Important
  7. How To Craft A Brand That Resonates With Your Target Audience
  8. How To Develop Your Branding Strategy — And What It Is
  9. How The Know Like Trust Principle Builds Your Brand
  10. How To Keep Your Brand Consistent Everywhere
  11. Brand Building: 13 Things To Include In Yours
  12. Create A More Memorable Brand
  13. What You May Not Know About Social Media Branding
  14. Brand Recognition Equals More Sales + Bookings
  15. Brand Competition: How To Set Yourself Apart
  16. Have You Considered Running Brand Awareness Ads?
  17. The Importance of Brand Consistency Over Time
  18. How To Write A Brand Tagline That Fits Your Business
  19. Your Brand Story Is Your Brand’s Goldmine
  20. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Brand Personality
  21. Creating Brand Templates Will Save Your Brand
  22. Creating Branded Content Is How You Get Noticed Online
  23. How To Avoid Mixed Messages In Your Branding
  24. The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand
  25. Does Your Brand Strategy Align With Your Business Objectives?
  26. Dramatically Improve Your Website Branding With Consistency
  27. Here’s Why You Need Brand Guidelines — And What Should Be In Them
  28. Track & Adjust Your Brand Messaging & Strategy as Needed
  29. 7 Strategies to Help You Stay True to Your Brand
  30. Let’s Review a Month’s Worth of Branding Tips & Strategies (this post!)

Remember, your branding is what makes your business stand out from everyone out there doing what you do. And your branding is about way more than your design elements.

In order to have a strong brand foundation, you need to put in the work to develop your purpose, mission, core values, and messaging. And each of the branding tips in this series walks you through some portion of doing that work so you can develop a strong, consistent brand for your business.

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