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The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand

The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand

Monitoring your brand is one of the most important things you need to do as an online business owner. The online world is a big one. With more than 2.38 billion active monthly users on Facebook, it’s arguably one of the biggest countries in the world. That means there are lots of different discussions taking place 365 days a year, 24 hours a day all over the world. And they just might be talking about you and your brand.

It might be a good thing, and it might be a bad thing. You’ll only know about it in time to fix it or take advantage of it, if you are actively monitoring brand mentions.

Thankfully, thanks to the ability to search the entire internet for keywords, monitoring your brand isn’t hard to do. Before we get into the tools that you can use to monitor your brand, let’s talk about why it’s so vital that you do.

Learn All You Can About Your Ideal Customer

When you can observe what your customers or potential customers are saying about your brand (or even a product or service like yours), it helps you gain insight into your customers. When you see how they talk about the offer or idea, it can inform many decisions you’ll need to make about the development and delivery of your offer.

Create More Targeted Content Based on Metrics

Once you start monitoring your brand, you can adjust your messages based on what your customers and audience are talking about. Anytime your brand or a version of your service is mentioned, you have an opportunity to create content that answers the question, explains the issue, and is more targeted to what the audience needs to know.

Create More Engagement Opportunities with Your Customers & Audience

The most impressive part of brand monitoring is the ability to converse and engage with more people who are your ideal audience as well as customers. When you see customers talking about you, and you interject something, they’ll be excited, especially if they already love you. Even if they’re complaining, if you help them, you can turn it around by engaging with them and fixing the issue.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Audience

When you’re engaging with your audience more, it starts to show up on social media in searches. Your audience will appreciate feeling as if they have more access to you via the avenues they like to use for information. Due to this, they’ll start trusting you even more due to your openness and transparency.

In order to monitor your brand, you can use technology to do it automatically. You can use or something like Google Alerts to monitor your brand by setting up the system to look for certain keywords that people use when talking about your brand. Incidentally, you can do this with your competition too, in order to gain insight into your ideal customers even when you don’t have many yet.

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