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Creating Brand Templates Will Save Your Brand

Creating Brand Templates Will Save Your Brand

One way to ensure business success is to systemize your business. Creating systems for everything you do in a day, week, month, and year is a great way to get more done with less time. It’s also essential to be consistent. When it comes to branding, consistency is the key to gaining the all-important trust component of the know-like-trust principle. And creating brand templates can make that so much easier.

Brand templates are design files you use over and over again to market your brand — anything from pdfs and ebooks to social media quotes — so you always remain consistently on brand.

Organize Your Image Files

You’ll need to collect image files that are appropriate to use for your content marketing, advertising, and more. Organize them in a way that makes it easier to locate what you want to use. That can be by color, where you might use it such as a blog post or ad, and so forth. Remember that any time you create any images for your business, you should file it away so you can use it again.

Create Your Brand Guidelines Document

This will include the different elements you’re using on your logo, the fonts you’re going to use, the color palette you use, and any other requirements, including legal requirements. Anyone, even a new person, should be able to look at these branding documents and find the right information to do any work for the company.

Set Up Separate Marketing Collateral Template Examples

You’ll need templates for your business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures, emails, social graphics, or anything else you’ll ever need. If you have brand templates set up, you’ll save tons of time redesigning everything. For example, if you publish a lot of books or information products, having a cover template where you just plug in the new elements and you’re done, is lifesaving.

Create a Good File Naming Convention & Organization Method

When you’re setting all this up, you want to be able to easily find your templates so that you can use them or share them for someone else (like a graphic designer) to use. The best way is to save everything in the cloud, such as via Dropbox or another cloud-based system. Then, choose a standard way of naming files, so you know how to find them easily.

If you want to create a memorable brand that is consistent throughout time and place, creating brand templates and style guides is an essential element that makes it a lot easier.

Once you have this information saved, you’ll save an enormous amount of time getting content and products launched to your audience, while also maintaining consistency — even when you outsource. The people you outsource to can look at your style guide and know who your audience is, the tone or personality of your brand voice, as well as the design, look, and feel of your brand. It’s one of the things that makes marketing easier, and we’re all about easy around here.

Jump-Start Your Brand Templates

Use my free Brand Magnetism ebook + workbook to help you prep for your brand templates. It’ll walk you through planning your logo and color palettes, and get you thinking about the things you’ll use over and over again in your templates.

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