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Brand + Showit Website Design for Lupus Chick

Custom Brand + Showit Web Design for Lupus Chick

There are no words to express how honored and excited I am to announce the launch of Lupus Chick’s custom brand and Showit web design.

Lupus Chick is an online lupus and autoimmune support community for people with chronic illness and autoimmune disorders, and their founder, Marisa Zeppieri, has become one of my good friends since I did my design internship with them in the summer of 2015.

I’ve worked with Lupus Chick for the last five years, helping them with design work, educating and supporting other students as they go through their internships, and this year, becoming a contributing writer on their blog.

Lupus Chick has evolved throughout the years, and in 2020, it was time for a substantial upgrade to their entire aesthetic to help them grow into new realms.

Marisa and I worked closely together for months as she went through my Brand Bootcamp program to define the new vision for Lupus Chick before we tackled the design side. Her experience in the program led to previously-unimaginable new goals to reach for, and the redesign of the Lupus Chick brand and website has opened incredible new doors within weeks of launching (things I’m not allowed to talk about yet!).

Here’s what Marisa had to say about working with me:

“Cassandra is supremely gifted at helping women discover how to take their inherent passions and talents and fine tune them in order to build your ideal niche brand that reaches the people who need to hear your message.

Her Brand Bootcamp program allowed me to recognize the value I can provide to my clients, how to package my message in branding that matches my message and personality, and how to build a website that best shares my message to the exact audience I need to deliver it to.

Today I have a brand and website that I am not only proud of but excited to share with people. It is an amazing feeling to have thoughts and ideas inside of you and then by working through an organized and intentional program with a caring and gifted coach, to then see your dreams transform into a tangible brand that speaks into people’s lives!”

Take a look at the full design in the portfolio, and definitely check out the new brand and website in all its glory at the Lupus Chick website!

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